What to do in an earthquake...

A recent article in The New Yorker has got everyone talking. Author Kathryn Schulz exposes a sleeping giant hiding just off the coast of Oregon and Washington that has the power  to release a massive earthquake that will level everything west of the Interstate 5.

While those initial estimates have been tempered by those who are in charge of disaster preparedness and response, it has brought to the spotlight one of the primary natural risks that citizens of the Pacific Northwest (PNW) have to contend with :


Prior to an earthquake, what steps can you take to prepare yourself and your home? 

  • Remove or secure any items that may be a falling hazard. This includes bookcases and TV and any other heavy items that can fall on people ESPECIALLY little children who may be in front of these objects. 
  • Do not place important items that may be needed in an emergency (water, food, tools, etc) in the basement of the house. Houses can shake off the foundation unless they have been properly reinforced to the foundation. 
  • Place shoes near your bed in case an earthquake occurs at night to protect your feet from shattered objects on the floor as the power will most likely be out too. 

In our next blog installment, we'll go over some more ideas as well as what to do DURING the shaking.