Why would I need a kit?

‪#‎Disaster‬ Kit? I'm not a ‪#‎Prepper‬....

Recently, there has been emphasis on ‪#‎Preppers‬ and the lengths that they go to in anticipation for social unrest or other earth changing events, i.e ‪#‎climatechange‬ that may occur that would precipitate the need for long term individual and family survival. While that is the philosophy of some, and I wouldn't knock at their efforts for ‪#‎preparedness‬ (Though who would need a flame throwing booby trap for the front door???), for most people at least having some necessary items ready to go in a disaster kit should be planned for and made a priority.

Recent natural and man-made disasters (see ‪#‎Tiajin‬ explosion in ‪#‎China‬) have made clear that disasters can and do strike without warning. When they do, you may be left with only the items surrounding you, whether they are in your car, office, or home.

Thus the importance of having a few basic things to get you by becomes apparent. Water, Food, Lighting, and Shelter all come to the forefront. The other needed items as time goes on : toiletries & sanitation, medications, pet needs, and etc.

This is why an individual, family, or an organization needs a disaster kit on hand :

To have basic items stored to get them through a disaster or event when normal course of life is disrupted.

These disruptions can be for 12 hours to 12 weeks depending on the severity of the event and your disaster kit and your #preparedness plan should match the risks in your area.

Our next blog post will outline what SPECIFIC items are staples in a disaster kit and what other things should be added that are specific to family or disaster.