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Why would I need a kit?

‪#‎Disaster‬ Kit? I'm not a ‪#‎Prepper‬.... Recently, there has been emphasis on ‪#‎Preppers‬ and the lengths that they go to in anticipation for social unrest or other earth changing events, i.e ‪#‎climatechange‬ that may occur that would precipitate the need for long term individual and family survival. While that is the philosophy of some, and I wouldn't knock at their efforts for ‪#‎preparedness‬ (Though who would need a flame throwing booby trap for the front door???), for most people at least having some necessary items ready to go in a disaster kit should be planned for and made a priority. Recent natural and man-made disasters (see ‪#‎Tiajin‬ explosion in ‪#‎China‬) have made clear that disasters can and do strike without...

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