Backpack Disaster Kits

Disasters can strike without warning and it is important to have what you need with you at all times.
Our Backpack Disaster Kits are equipped with 72 hours worth of supplies for an individual to carry with them and are chosen for their versatility and ability to carry additional needed items with you wherever you go.
Upgrade to our DELUXE Kit and receive additional tools and sanitation supplies that include personal hygiene items (shampoos, toothbrushes, etc) per person.
Purchase an ELITE Kit that includes all of the above items plus additional shelter items such as body warmers and a tube tent. Comes complete with an upgraded 107 piece first aid kit as well. 
Keep one in the car, so that you'll always be ready...
**Backpack kits are shipped in red backpacks**
**CAMO Backpacks available for upgrade fee**
Please choose which backpack you would like when selecting your kit **