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    Don't lose any of them because a plan was not in place when an unexpected event or disaster strikes.

    Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity plans help protect companies by:

    • Preparing your executive teams and employees with the protocols, policies, and tools that are needed to respond to and manage an incident or disaster. 
    • Assuring your customers, vendors, stakeholders, and shareholders that you are able to recover from a disruption that may impact your operations in the short term or long term.
    • Having specific IT backup resources in place to transfer data and operations as well as establishing alternate work sites for operations.
    • Providing compliance to regulatory agencies.
    • Protecting brand reputation and social capital by building customer confidence and trust.
    • Identifying threats and deficiencies by conducting Security and Risk Assessments and a Business Impact Analysis to see how protected a business's operations are. 

    The Small Business Association states that an estimated 25 percent of business do not open after a disaster.

    Ready Northwest can help your business develop, maintain, and test your business continuity and emergency preparedness plans on a regular basis to ensure that your business continuity plans are always current. 

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